Vasculature of the Eye
Video Description:

Structures Labeled:
Lateral Palpebral Ligament
Orbital Septum
Medial Palpebral Ligament
Superior Tarsal Plate
Inferior Tarsal Plate
Sphenoid Bone
Frontal Bone
Zygomatic Bone
Levator Palpebrae Superioris Muscle
Lateral Rectus Muscle
Inferior Oblique Muscle
Superior Oblique Muscle
Superior Rectus Muscle
Medial Rectus Muscle
Inferior Rectus Muscle
Lacrimal Gland
Long Posterior Ciliary Arteries
Central Retinal Artery
Short Ciliary Arteries
Supraorbital Artery
Ophthalmic Artery
Supratrochlear Artery
Lacrimal Artery
Muscular Arteries

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