Nerves of the Eye
Video Description:

Structures Labeled:
Frontal Bone
Nasal Bone
Ethmoid Bone
Orbicularis Oculi Muscle
Lateral Rectus Muscle
Superior Oblique Muscle
Levator Palpebrae Superioris Muscle
Superior Rectus Muscle
Medial Rectus Muscle
Inferior Rectus Muscle
Inferior Oblique Muscle
Abducens (CN VI) Nerve
Trochlear (CN IV) Nerve
Oculomotor (CN III) Nerve
Maxillary BR of the Trigeminal (CN V2) Nerve
Infraorbital Nerve
Ophthalmic BR of the Trigeminal (CN V1) Nerve
Lacrimal Nerve
Frontal Nerve
Supratrochlear Nerve
Supraorbital Nerve
Short Ciliary Nerve
Long Ciliary Nerve
Infratrochlear Nerve
Nasociliary Nerve

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