Vasculature of the Female Reproductive System
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Structures Listed:
Internal Iliac Artery
Ovarian Artery
Superficial External Pudendal Artery
Vaginal Artery
Posterior Labial Artery
Superior Vesical Arteries
Inferior Vesical Arteries
Artery to the Bulb of the Vestibule
Deep Artery of the Clitoris
Dorsal Artery of the Clitoris
External Iliac Vein
Internal Iliac Vein
Ovarian Vein
Superior Vesical Vein
Obturator Vein
Uterine Venous Plexus
Uterine Vein
Vesical Venous Plexus
Inferior Vesical Vein
Vaginal Vein
Vaginal Venous Plexus
Internal Pudendal Vein
Superficial External Pudendal Vein
Deep Vein of the Clitoris
Posterior Labial Vein
Fallopian Tube

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