Vasculature of the Male Reproductive System
Video Description:

Structures Labeled:
Membranous Fascia
Superficial Fascia of Penis
Superficial Fascia of Scrotum
Internal Iliac Artery
Superior Vesical Artery
Inferior Vesical Artery
Internal Pudendal Artery
Bulb of Penis Arteries
Perineal Arteries
Posterior Scrotal Arteries
Testicular Artery
Artery of Ductus Deferens
Deep Arteries of the Penis
Dorsal Arteries of the Penis
Prostatic Venous Plexus
Vesical Venous Plexus
Vesical Vein
Internal Pudendal Vein
Testicular Vein
Pampiniform Plexus
Superficial Dorsal Veins of the Penis
Deep Dorsal Vein of the Penis
Superficial External Pudendal Vein

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